Coromandel Pure Honey is a small boutique family owned business located at Eagle’s Nest, which is nestled in the hills of Pauanui, located on the pristine Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand. 

We are very passionate about the environment and the plight of the honeybee and in turn the future we leave for our next generations.

The beautiful gardens of Eagle’s Nest are rich with native manuka, pohutukawa, puriri and other native trees, along with a stunning range of native and exotic flowering plants fueling the production of stunning manuka and mutifloral honey that has a unique taste.


Coromandel Pure honey is sold in its most natural state. Keeping the honey raw and unpasteurised, the honey is filtered through only mesh strainers and straight into the jar in a hygienic and certified honey kitchen. Samples are taken and tested not only for the manuka concentrations but also to ensure there are no toxins that are harmful to humans.

Coromandel Pure Honey sells honey and pure beeswax food wraps to organic shops and information centres throughout towns on the Coromandel Peninsula.   All products can also be purchased online.


Coromandel Pure Honey also hosts prestige hands-on beekeeping and honey tasting tours through the beautiful Eagle’s Nest gardens. The bee tour starts with a short lesson about the importance of bees and their lifecycle, before guests put on their own beekeeper’s suits, before walking through the native bush on a purpose-built shell path linking beehive sites together high up on a mountainside in Pauanui. With European honey bees and Bumble bees coming to and from their own handcrafted wooden homes, you can witness queen bees in action and learn about the role they play in their hives, the rearing of new honey bees, and mature foragers coming to and from their hives with rich pollen and nectar sources. Learn about the different stages of how honey is created after the nectar is brought back to the hive by the bees and how they turn it into delicious honey.

To top it all off at the end, take off your bee suit and sit on our stunning deck with breathtaking views overlooking the ocean and the Coromandel Peninsula coast, whilst enjoying a delicious morning or afternoon tea, including a Raw Honey tasting experience!!